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We offer drum lessons for all age groups and educational levels. We teach according to a clearly structured method, which already shows the students in the very first lesson what the goals are and points out the way in which they can be achieved in the future. Despite its thoroughness, this method does not seem clinical. On the contrary, it inspires creativity, musicality and individuality in every student. The process of learning is fun.

Learning with concepts which demonstrate effectiveness from the very beginning all the way through to the highest professional level. This means that they run like a common thread through the studies of the student, giving him/her the necessary support not to give up but to grow in this playful development, with all its ups and downs, like we find them in all genres of arts.

Unlimited knowledge, which does justice to every musical style with respect to its own function and creativity. This means material, which allows for unlimited knowledge and unlimited possibilities for musical interpretation in every style.
According to an own philosophy. This means that the student, whether beginner, advanced or professional, is individually challenged in a way that makes it possible for him or her to find himself/herself in a healthy relationship to the art - without jealousy, without "image neurosis", but with the ability to communicate through music.

It is never too late to learn music:

For beginners, who finally want to take the first step...


For advanced students, who want to bring their playing to the next level...


For professionals, who want to perfect specific aspects of their skills...

Playing drums is good for your health:

There are several studies out there which conclude, that playing drums has a positive effect on your health. And there are a multitude of reasons for that effect: the physical demands of professional drumming can exceed those of a professional soccer player. In addition, both the left and right brain hemispheres are required simultaneously for drumming which makes it a very effective mental and body-coordination training. Not to forget that the very high fun factor makes learning and developing new skills all the more pleasant.
Below you can find a few quotes and links to interesting studies:


Playing drums gets you fit

"A pulse of 190 beats per minute: musicians, especially drummers in rock bands, are phisically more stressed than professional soccer players. That is the conclusion of a study conducted by the british Universities of Gloucestershire and Chichester."


"Because of its requirement for both brain hemispheres to work simultaneously, drumming is a very effective brain training."


- Quotes translated from a German article from Fit For Fun


Is it possible to get healthy through drumming?

"[Drumming]...can also be useful to improve different kinds of other skills and abilities: concentrativeness or cross-cultural competence for example."


"Our hypothesis is based on the fact, that sporting activity can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and increase the chance of survival after chemotherapy by 70 percent. The very high fun factor that we observed with drumming in our studies so far, leads to the assumption that drumming is a very effective means to support cancer treatments."


- Excerpts from a report on a study by the Chemnitz University of Technology (translated from German)

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If you are interested in Group Lessons, please contact us and state your availabilities. As soon as there are enough attendees, we will get back to you with possible time frames.

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