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Snippet #1: Paradiddle

The first of these short snippets, which will show you a few possibilities for practice, takes on paradiddles:

Snippet #2: Paradiddle with Linear 5/3

The second one again shows some paradiddles, now combined with linear 5/3 phrases:

Snippet #3: Double Stroke

Here is an example of some double stroke exercices:

Snippet #4:


Stickings 7-3-6 with Linear 7-5-4

Snippet #5: Syncopation Part 1

Fooling around with the syncopation phrase ♪ ♩ ♪ ♩ ♩ :

Other Videos

Testimonial from Lenny Nelson - "Eight notes to flam notes to Wolfgang"

A youtube-video from Lenny Nelson in action. This bit is dedicated to Wolfgang with the following annotation:
"eight notes to flams a tribute to wolfgang one of switzerlands greatest drummers,with admiration and respect. lenny nelson"

Nelson Diaz - "Drum Thoughts - Hands & Feet"

This video shows Nelson Diaz' skills, a very good artist and friend of Wolfgang's. He writes the following: 
"Wolfgang Bayha is an informed and illuminating teacher and drummer. [...] Anyone who is lucky enough to study with him, regardless if they are a beginner or a professional, will quickly experience that his method works..."

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